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Fantastic Pergola Offers

Here are the latest updated garden bargains and voucher codes. Finding fantastic pergola offers and gardening discounts can mean big savings!

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My Asian Style Pergola (Almost!)

I purchased the Asian Style Pergola plan from this web-site and it is well worth the money. You do have to read it a few times to fully understand the

Continue reading "My Asian Style Pergola (Almost!)"

The Most Popular Pergola Kit Of Last Season

Metal pergola Southwold.

This beautiful metal pergola was a real hit last season and is set to be just as popular this time around. Handmade and timeless, it is both elegant and functional.

The canopy adds an airy feel, while protecting against the sun. It comes as part of a collection with dining sets to match perfectly, making your patio a very special place to be.

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An eBay Code Worth Having!

eBay discount code.” title=

20% off is certainly not to be sneezed this Black Friday. It isn't necessarily garden specific - there are lights, pizza ovens, rattan furniture, which makes the discount even better, especially as it's coming up to Christmas!

Here's the discount code. Just apply to your basket at checkout. Happy days!

Amazing Tulip Combinations!

Fabulous tulip combinations.” title=

What a fantastic way of creating a tulip planting scheme. So many beautiful ideas brought to life in a vase!

On offer at the moment as collections in small or large packs.

Be inspired. It's worth a look if you love your tulips.

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Ezine Back Issues

Find all the back issues of my 'Love Gardening' ezine newsletter here.

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Pergola Pictures

Pergola pictures can be a great source of inspiration! Take a look at some fabulous DIY pergola and pergola kit ideas.

Continue reading "Pergola Pictures"

Modern Pergola Bracket Kit

Use this pergola bracket kit to build a modern, individually styled pergola in less than a day with this easy and affordable system!

Continue reading "Modern Pergola Bracket Kit"

Carl's Modern Cottage Small Garden Makeover

Copyright image:Small garden design.” title=

Carl loves colourful borders and a tidy lawn, so something needed to be done! In such a small garden design is key.

Here's how we did it...

Continue reading "Carl's Modern Cottage Small Garden Makeover"

Our Quiet Spot In The Garden

We have a dining room that opens out on to hard standing which although nice on its own needed a bit of smartning up. If you opened the doors when it was

Continue reading "Our Quiet Spot In The Garden"

Raised Beds

There are some fantastic new designs in raised beds. Here are some ideas for using them to make your garden look amazing!

Continue reading "Raised Beds"

Sleek and Sensational - The New Look Metal Raised Beds

What a find these were! Just had to share them with you.

So beautiful, especially if you're creating a modern, sleek garden design...and, being powder coated, they more or less maintenance free.

So many exciting things to think about. Why not create a striking raised bed with bold, architectural planting, a home grown veg patch with a difference, or even a stunning water feature. The possibilities are endless.

Continue reading "Sleek and Sensational - The New Look Metal Raised Beds"

The Perfect Wedding Bower

Pergolas and arches are fantastic accessories for your wedding day.

How beautiful is this?

Sammy asked about using the free pergola plans for her wedding bower. There are many ways you can make your wedding day or reception just stunning. Here are a few ideas....

Continue reading "The Perfect Wedding Bower"

Metal Furniture With Serious Style

I've shown these on my website for a little while now (they have been very popular with my readers), so if you haven't seen them yet, it's worth taking a look!

What a truly stunning outdoor dining area they make. Created in an aged verdigris, they add a softness and charm to any garden. Partnered with pale pink and soft purples blooms, grey-green foliage, pastel cushions and throws, they sit perfectly in harmony, as if they have hosted many a gathering, over many a year.

There are uniquely styled metal pergolas too, both the pergolas and dining sets giving the garden a wonderfully magical touch.

It's so good to see these new and innovative designs coming on to the market!

Continue reading "Metal Furniture With Serious Style"

Pergola Height

Find the ideal pergola height, with maximum and minimum post lengths, and how to raise your lean-to pergola height

Continue reading "Pergola Height"

Canopy for a Pergola

I need a canopy for a pergola to provide shade. What's the best way to achieve this?

Continue reading "Canopy for a Pergola"

A New Modern Pergola

Here's a new one just in today: an attractive modern pergola called 'The Cube', with clean lines and a sturdy build it's just perfect for the contemporary garden.

Nik & Helen's Corner Pergola

We built our pergola using the corner pergola plans, just adjusted the measurements to fit the space. As our ground is full of massive rocks we couldn't

Continue reading "Nik & Helen's Corner Pergola"

Thompson & Morgan Offer

I recently placed an order with Thompson & Morgan and they’ve given me an exclusive discount to share.

It's a good discount of 20% off all plants, bulbs and seeds on your first order, when you place your order from my referral (I get something, too, but I'm not sure what yet!). It's only for plants, bulbs and seeds not already on offer.

They seem to be having a lot of interesting promotions on their website at the moment, so I may be posting more soon.

Just click on the picture and we'll see how it goes!


Pergola Styles

Inspiration for lots of pergola styles, with ideas including the free pergola plans, the additional pergola plans and many pergola kits...

Continue reading "Pergola Styles"

Gorgeousness This Summer Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Easyplanter baskets and tubs are a clever new idea this year, especially for those of us who like instant gratification.

No mess. No fuss. Just beauty!

Metal Pergola Kits

Choose a fabulous metal pergola kit in a variety of designs and styles. Find ideas for metal canopies and arches too, including the rust-free, modern, aluminium pergola canopy...

Continue reading "Metal Pergola Kits"

Attached Lean-to Pergola

An attached lean-to pergola, entry pergola, pergola porch or canopy can be a fabulous extension to your home. Build your own from the plans, or find a kit here.

Continue reading "Attached Lean-to Pergola"

Pergola Hammock

A pergola hammock can be great fun and relaxing too! Explore ideas on different types and styles to suit your garden.

Continue reading "Pergola Hammock"

Pergola Planting Hanging Baskets

I've shown you mine. Now you can upload pictures of your hanging baskets and tell us about them. It'll be fun! We'll be looking at the different types of container and how to plant up, too...

Continue reading "Pergola Planting Hanging Baskets"

Garden Design Questions

This garden design question is about being overwhelmed by an over-run garden. Make your garden makeover manageable and enjoyable by using these easy ways to organise your garden makeover.

Continue reading "Garden Design Questions"

Climbing Roses

Advice on beautiful climbing roses to grow over your pergola or garden structure for colour and scent.

Continue reading "Climbing Roses"

Wooden Pergola Kits

Get ideas for different wooden pergola kits. Be inspired by some wonderful designs and styles, and find out where to buy your pergola kit.

Continue reading "Wooden Pergola Kits"

Vinyl Pergola Kits

Vinyl pergola kits and other plastic products are becoming more popular today because of their 'maintenance free' characteristics. Find further information and ideas here...

Continue reading "Vinyl Pergola Kits"

Hanging Chair

Great ideas for a hanging chair, to make your outdoor space into a fun and interesting place to relax, with suggestions for a patio canopy swing seat and wooden hanging bench...

Continue reading "Hanging Chair"

Outdoor Beanbag

Fun and funky or classy and elegant. Relax in the garden with an outdoor beanbag. Find which colour and style are right for your outdoor living space.

Continue reading "Outdoor Beanbag"

Pergola Swing Bench

Brian asked how to build an hexagonal pergola with a swing bench. Any pergola style can have a cosy and romantic hanging bench adorning its rafters. Get ideas here....

Continue reading "Pergola Swing Bench"

Pergola Questions and Answers

Do you have pergola questions about constuction, beautiful climbing plants or using wonderful accessories? Find out what others have asked, with the answers to their questions...

Continue reading "Pergola Questions and Answers"

Fabulous Attached Lean-To Pergola

Pam and Brian sent over this photo of their fantastic attached lean-to pergola, and what a brilliant job they made!

Copyright image: Attached lean-to pergola built by Pam and Brian from the attached pergola plans, with curved rafter tails and angled support brackets.

These are the original plans. It's easy to see how they come from the same plan, although the plans can be adapted to make any lean-to pergola of any size or shape.

Copyright image: The original attached lean-to pergola plans, with straight rafter tails.

It shows how they adapted the plans to create something that fitted perfectly in their space.

It has created this amazing outdoor room attached their house, one I'm sure they use a lot, right through from spring to autumn for relaxing and parties!

See other pergolas that have been built from the plans. There are some really impressive ones...

Pitched Roof Hexagonal Pergola

How to build a stunning pitched roof hexagonal pergola with gorgeous angled rafters from the plans! Use for entertaining, garden features or attached to the house...

Continue reading "Pitched Roof Hexagonal Pergola"

Triangular Pergola

How to adapt the corner pergola plans to build a fantastic triangular pergola based on the original design.

Continue reading "Triangular Pergola"

James's Pergola Pictures

Copyright image: A fabulous patio pergola built by James

James built this excellent pergola and shared a picture with us. Doesn't it look great!

We often know, when setting out on our pergola building project, whether we are going to use a pergola kit, or go the whole hog and get down and dirty in the sawdust.

Often we can find pergola kits to suit, and if you'd rather put something up rather than making from scratch, a pergola kit can save time, and be an ideal solution.

Building your own may be more up your street, though - the challenge, the sweat...! And, of course, there are those awkward to fit spaces, which is where a DIY pergola comes into its own. In which case, use either the free pergola plans, or the arbour pergola plans.

So if you wanted a similar manufactured pergola kit to James's DIY pergola, here is that very one.

Ultima pergola kit.

It comes as a standard pergola, an arch, a pergola with deck, and with attached trellis, too.

Even though most people would use this as a patio pergola in their garden, this one is shown as a walkway. Imagine it with flowering roses and clematis climbing over the rafters. Beautiful. And the smell!

Continue reading "James's Pergola Pictures"

Exciting New Pergola Pictures!

Wow, isn't this great! We've had five new pergolas recently.

Copyright image: Kevin's fantastic lean-to pergola made from the plans.

Tony and Chris's corner pergolas (both from the same plan, but very different), Jeff's oriental-style Asian pergola with gorgeous curved rafters, and Kevin's gone for the double with the superb attached lean-to patio pergola, shown here, and a beautifully crafted seated arbour in the garden (he's been a very busy man!)

What a fantastic achievement.

They should all be very proud!

Continue reading "Exciting New Pergola Pictures!"

Tips For Building Your Corner Pergola

Firstly, the work hurdles as I saw them.. • I had a really bad and unproductive corner of the garden to fill but the corner is not a right-angle,

Continue reading "Tips For Building Your Corner Pergola "

Beautiful Metal Hanging Bench

What about this for a hanging bench!

I came across it when I was looking for interesting accessories for my metal pergola page. A few cushions, a throw, maybe a parasol, and there we are in Pride and Prejudice. (Mr. Darcy, eat you heart out!)

One of the best things about this bench - apart from it being ever so romantic! - is the fact that it is plastic dip-coated (so no rust staining the crinoline).

Metal can be fashioned into such intricate designs, and this is the epitome of traditional beauty.

Now...exactly where could I hang one of these, do you think?

Kevin's Lean-To Pergola

If you'd like to build Kevin's lean-to pergola, or one similar, and create a fantastic outdoor room in your own back yard, here's how to do it, with the pergola plans for beginners!

Continue reading "Kevin's Lean-To Pergola"

Pergola Planting - Hydrangeas

The pergola planting series looks at how to make your pergola and patio absolutely magnificent! Here we cover the care and pruning of hydrangeas for maximum blooms...

Continue reading "Pergola Planting - Hydrangeas"

Proud Pergola Owners

We were very impressed by the plans on your website and sent off for the Asian Pergola plans. We have an excellent carpenter who followed them to

Continue reading "Proud Pergola Owners"

New Lean-to Pergola Kits!

If you'd like a fabulous outdoor room for a fantastic price, these pergola kits might be just the job!

Lean-to pergolas and canopies are two most popular designs at the moment. Lots of people ask me to recommend pergola kits in these styles (or how to build their own!), where they can relax in the sun and have BBQs with friends.

I came across these the other day. They are well-made, with sturdy posts, planed and treated timber and well balanced rafter tail ends. Of course, being manufactured pergola kits, all the cutting and notching is done for you, which is handy.

Lean-to garden pergola kit.

We all like a bit of instant gratification occasionally, and this pergola could be up in half a day - certainly with the smaller sizes...

...and the range of sizes is quite amazing! They start at around 6 ft in length, and the largest I could find was 21 ft. The width varies too - giving lots of choice. (Size is often the main issue with pergola kits, but there are so many here that one is sure to fit.)

The most surprising part was the price - need a good quality, cheap pergola to transform your garden instantly...go for it!

Beautiful Swing Seat for an Arbour or Pergola!

If you are thinking of building a lean to pergola, or swinging arbour, one of these wooden swing seats is just the job.

They are not always easy to get hold of. I found this one, with the metal arm rests when I was searching for other pergola 'stuff', but, because of the time of the year, this example is no longer available, although there is this entirely wooden pergola bench (a little more like Jeff's in the picture below) in either 4ft or 5ft lengths.

They make fantastic porch and patio swings. Everyone will want a go! They really are a heavenly place to relax.

Jeff attached one to his lean to pergola, and it looks a treat. You may have seen it already.

He made the area very special by using interesting accessories and furniture, lighting, a patio heater and souvenirs from his holidays...and the hanging patio swing. Of course, the bench swing is the main attraction!

Lots of people have asked about making a swinging arbour. It's fairly plain sailing, really. Build an arbour from the free pergola plans or the arbour pergola plans, and then, instead of putting a seat inside the abour...

...hang the swing instead. Easy Peasy!

For other interesting hanging chairs in fabric and rattan......

Continue reading "Beautiful Swing Seat for an Arbour or Pergola!"

Seated Arbour Plans

Create this wonderfully romantic arbour with seat from the step-by-step seated arbour plans, part of the 'Additional Plans Series' arbour with bench that's both beautiful and functional!

Continue reading "Seated Arbour Plans"

A Patio Circle for a Pergola

Let's look at how to build a patio circle for a circular patio pergola. Paving circles can be used as a focal point for fantastic garden design features such as circular pergola kits...

Continue reading "A Patio Circle for a Pergola"

Half Price Attached Vinyl Pergola Kit!

At last we have an attached vinyl pergola for sale online, in a variety of sizes. About time too!

Lots of you have asked me for this information over the years, and now we have just the thing. Coming in several lengths, this vinyl pergola has sturdy polycarbonate roof panels, with the option of side panels, too. It's ticking all the boxes for many of you who've emailed. We all love to have a great time in our gardens, basking in the sunshine and eating al fresco under our pergolas or gazebos with friends. This will help you create a fabulous area to do just that.

The 3 metre pergola is in a half price sale at the moment, making it very affordable for a vinyl pergola. Here it is...

Vinyl pergola.

Other sizes, and the side panels, too, can be seen here. This is the 3 x 6 metre one...

Vinyl pergola.

Trust this will answer a lot of questions.

Happy days!

How to Attach a Ledger Board Over a Window

No room to attach a pergola ledger board over your window? Frustrated that you can't have a fantastic attached pergola to create an outdoor room in which to relax and entertain?

Copyright image: Part of the additional pergola plans, find the attached pergola plans here

No problem. With a little creative thinking it's easy. Find out how to do it here...

Continue reading "How to Attach a Ledger Board Over a Window"

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Copyright image: the hexagonal pergola with a pitched roof and kingpin.

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Corner Pergola

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Seated Arbour

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