Metal Pergola Kits

Coming in all shapes, sizes and styles, a metal pergola, gazebo or arch can add height and elegance to your garden.  There are some stunning pergolas around!

Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern style, or a more traditional ornate structure, there is sure to be one of these wonderful pergola kits to fit in perfectly with your scheme.

Let's take a look at the ornate ones first, and then we'll get on to the more modern pergolas becoming so popular.

Metal Pergola Designs and Styles

The beauty of metal is that it can be moulded into really intricate designs, making an attractive frame for your climbing plants. These are usually the wrought iron structures, which lend themselves to a more traditional garden.  There are some very delicate and ornate structures to be found.

Intricate metal rose arch in cream.

Take this one, for example, with its cream, intricate design, making it look like lace.  Incredibly beautiful!

Other ornate metal pergolas and gazebos are shown below.  

Modern Metal Pergolas

The more modern designs are smoothly crafted to give simple, clean lines that fit comfortably into any contemporary space.

They usually have fixed or moveable fabric shades, making them ideal for eating outdoors.

This metal pergola is beautiful in this setting.

It is modern in style with a traditional twist.  What a fabulous place to have a meal outdoors!

Retractable awnings have become very popular lately as we're all wanting to eat outdoors and extend our summers. 

This is a lovely canopy with a retractable awning to give a bit of protection when needed.

Louvred shades look incredibly stylish, providing different degrees of filtered shade. 

Add contemporary furniture and soft furnishings to give style and comfort to your pergola.

This is a more traditional style pergola, although the aluminium frame gives a more modern feel.  Find it here.

A Rose Walk or Colonnade

Ogee metal rose walk pergola.
Roman rose walk colonnade pergola.
Gothic metal rose walk colonnade.
Botanico modular metal rose walk pergola or arch.

All arches, of course, can be joined by simply attaching one to the next with sturdy plant ties, and trimming off. Easy!

These rose walks are stunning when planted up.

Coming in three different styles, the first of these pergolas are modular in design, meaning they can be added to with any number of additional sections to give any size of pergola colonnade.  

They are high quality products supplied with a starter pack of three sections, which can be added to with single sections to create a longer walkway pergola over which to grow those stunning, fragrant climbing plants you've always dreamed of.

The last one at £7.99 an arch is a very economical way to build a pergola.  For around £80 it's possible to make a ten section long walkway, with beautiful climbers on each upright.  Can't get vexed at that!

Create a romantic pergola easily, using both climbing plants and vegetables!

Pergola Canopies and Awnings

If you'd like an free-standing pergola canopy or an attached 'lean to', here are a couple of pergola awnings with retractable shades, and an attached pergola kit with an fixed awning...

Metal pergola kit with retractable awning. Metal pergola kit with retractable awning. Modern attached metal pergola kit with awning.

All come in kit form and are relatively easy to assemble. Having another pair of hands, however, is helpful: one to hold while the other fits the parts together. Even the more complex designs should see it finished in an hour or so, in all its glory!

Metal Arches and Seated Arbours

A metal arch may, on the other hand, be more suitable.  There are some beautifully intricate designs.  Find this particular selection here.

Wrenbury metal arch.
Metal rose arch.
Metal rose arch.
Metal arch with fence.
Metal arbour.
Metal rose arch.
Metal rose arch.
Metal arbour in cream.
Metal rose arch.
Metal rose arch.
Metal rose arch.
Metal rose arch.

Metal Gazebos

There are some stunners around, with sturdy, low maintenance, powder coated finishes that will make your gazebo the hub of activity!  These imposing structures make an immediate impact.  Here are some very popular ones to get you started...

Samarkand metal gazebo.
Fleurie metal and fabric gazebo.
Metal gazebo palermo-3m.
Metal gazebo with fabric shades.
Metal gazebo palermo-3.6m.
Metal gazebo with fabric shades.

Metal Swing Seats

What about this for a swing seat!  Coated in plastic for easy maintenance. Very romantic covered in throws and cushions!  And here are some others.  

Find ideas on how to incorporate them into your pergola design here.

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