Garden Furniture Products

Southwold metal garden furniture: outdoor dining set.

Garden furniture products have taken on a new lease of life since the garden became more of a living space, rather than the traditional flower beds with a lawn.

Now there are all manner of styles and materials. It’s so refreshing to be able to choose from such a wide range of products for different purposes and also to create individuality in our gardens. The choice is truly amazing. Isn't this metal dining set just beautiful!

So where do you start? Such an extensive choice can be daunting as well as exciting.

Which To Choose

Garden furniture is very seasonal; some links from images may not work from one season to the next, but I will make every effort to update links for you as soon as possible for the new season.

Firstly, be clear on the purpose of your garden furniture.

Will you be dining outdoors, sunbathing, entertaining, or all of these?

Will you need more than one piece, or set, of furniture for different purposes at different times?

Who is going to be using the furniture - adults, children, elderly?

This will determine the range of products that are suitable.

Garden Furniture Styles

This is an important one for those who wish to create a look. The main choice really is either modern/contemporary or traditional. Most materials have styles that can be fitted into designs for either.

Softwood and Hardwood Furniture

Wooden garden furniture products are now, more often than not, sold in hardwood. This is because it is much more hardwearing than softwood, which will have to be replaced after a few years, especially if it is left out in the elements all year round. Even so, hardwood furniture will fade as time goes on to a natural grey wood colour. There are all manner of stains and preservatives to prolong the life of your furniture, but it will need treating each year to keep it in good condition.

Wooden furniture comes in the traditional styles - dining sets, loungers etc. but can be made in contemporary styles, with sleek, smooth lines and is often used with metal. The warmth is the main feature here. Because wood is a natural product, it fits easily into a garden setting.

Here, wood is used with an aluminium base and soft furnishing in this stunning sectional sofa set.

5 Pieces Modern L Shape Outdoor Sectional Sofa Set with Wood Coffee Table White & Brown

The concrete and fibre-glass table compliment the wooden structure in this ultra-modern dining set.

7 Pieces Teak Round Outdoor Concrete Dining Set with Gray Table Woven Armchair 6-Person

This is a beautiful and stylish teak dining set...

Double rocking lounger.

...and a very modern lounger 'a deux'...mmm, cosy. Or just keep it all to yourself! It also comes with a canopy attached, which can be found here...


Metal garden furniture has a completely different feel. It’s main advantage is that it can be moulded into very intricate designs, which give a traditional, light and airy feel, or clean lines for an ultra-modern style.

One of the best developments of recent years is powder-coated furniture, as it is maintenance free. If you can find powder-coated furniture in a style that you like, it saves a lot of time and effort!

Wrought iron furniture will need to be cleaned and sprayed every so often to maintain its good looks. With such busy lives people tend to go for more maintenance friendly option.

Many pieces of furniture are made with aluminium now providing a weather resistant surface. It is a great choice for a more modern look.

7 Pieces Grey Aluminium Outdoor Patio Dining Set with Extendable Table & Woven Armchair

This set has a beautiful aged verdigris finish, coming in rectangular and circular designs.   

Southwold metal garden furniture: eight seater outdoor dining set.

There is a new set, in the Southwold range, out this year in the same beautiful verdigris finish, but with a more relaxed feel. Here it is, hot off the press.


Southwold metal garden furniture: casual range.

I love this set! It exudes modern elegance. Intimate and cosy, it is set off by the soft lines of the planting.

Furniture-Crocus-elegant bistro set


This includes textilene, plastic, rattan, wicker and mesh.

As gardens are becoming more of an outdoor living space, all-weather garden furniture has become much more popular, with man-made rattan and wicker, textilene, mesh and woven plastic products. The huge advantage of this type of furniture is that you can leave it outside and it won't deteriorate.

Some of the designs are fabulous, whether it is dining furniture, sun-loungers, chairs, benches or swinging seats that you prefer. I am using these much more in my designs now, as they require little or no maintenance, which is an important factor in people’s lives today.

4 Pieces Rattan Outdoor Sofa Set with Glass Top Coffee Table and Cushions in Yellow

If you would like a beautiful rattan set at an absolute bargain it may well be worth looking here

Cheap 8 Seater Rattan Set
Copyright image: Patio garden furniture cafe style.

Affordable all-weather, cafe-style rattan and aluminium chairs  look great in this setting surrounded by beautiful cottage garden plants, and they are extremely comfortable, too. 

Check out a huge range here.

Then there are the rattan loungers.  Great for relaxing in the sunshine.

Must admit I'm a sucker for zero gravity loungers, which can be tipped back to give that amazing sensation of floating. Such a good feeling!

These loungers pictured here in grey will likely change colour for different seasons. 

Copyright image: Modern garden furniture: texteline sun loungers on a roof garden.

Garden Furniture Products - Ideas

Quality or Reasonably Priced?

Luckily, these don't have to be mutually exclusive! Just because some garden furniture products are cheap doesn’t necessarily mean they are poor quality. Be on the lookout for bargain garden furniture products that are well built and can be adapted to your style's theme.

The sun-loungers in the picture above look sleek and modern on this roof-top garden. Needing to be left out all year round they were just what was needed. Notice the cool grey material against the neutral colour of the wood and porcelain tiles, with the flowers providing the colour highlights - and for four, at less than £100, they really were a bargain!

Below are some companies selling a range of garden furniture products, which may be of interest, mainly for ideas on the type of outdoor furniture available - styles, materials and colours - starting with value products through to the more expensive ranges.

I've included notes to highlight interesting features of each supplier.


Gorgeous garden furniture that's modern, stylish and definitely has the 'Wow' factor! The price does reflect the quality.

If you fancy a sleek dining set or statement piece of furniture this is the place to come.

Fabulous ideas for outdoor rooms - with 'Shop This Idea' feature. Brilliant!

Traditional Wide Outdoor Woven Rope Swing Sofa Hanging Chair with Cushion


Amazing garden furniture in attractive modern designs, their website has all the different styles you could possibly imagine, with lovely weather-proof scatter cushions.

Gorgeous Bali lounge set outdoor furniture.

Harrod Horticultural

Fantastic quality metal garden furniture.  This company are expanding their beautiful products as they become more and more popular.

They specialise in metal pergolas and rose arch walkways (in 5 different designs, and as lean-to patio pergolas), fruit cages, flower supports and furniture, of course.

Quintessentially, English country garden. Gorgeous!

Furniture Southwold Round Metal Dining Set


Explore unique outdoor furniture that adds flair to your space. Think hanging egg chairs, tree stump stools, or mosaic tile tables. Embrace creativity with recycled pallet benches or sculptural wire chairs. Unusual pieces elevate your outdoor oasis, making it a conversation starter. Redefine your outdoor style with these eclectic finds!

Furniture-Etsy-Arabic Sofa Set

Etsy items are often unusual, bespoke pieces, and soft furnishings can sometimes be made to measure. Beautiful!

At a little over £60, this Arabic Sofa Set is amazing if you have a place either to store the cushions or can place it undercover. There are many more of these in vibrant colours to suit any taste or style.


A dedicated garden products site with everything for the garden, especially geared towards garden furniture!

Very good value products in a wide range of styles, most of which include free delivery. They have a good range of all-weather rattan sets and swinging seats, intricate metal garden sets, unusual tree seats, hammocks with fixings, and much more, including garden structures, equipment and accessories.

Definitely worth a look.

Garden Furniture: Beautiful aluminium picnic bench with hard-wearing polywood top.


So much choice! Both inexpensive and more expensive larger sets, hanging benches, love seats and so much more. This is a really easy way to really drill down into the products they have for sale.

Split into categories, a whole array of different items and styles are there for you to choose from.

Here are just some of their products...

Furniture-A-outsunny swing bench
Furniture-A-Lollana rattan 3 seater


Looking for budget-friendly outdoor furniture? Dive into the affordable options that enhance your outdoor space without breaking the bank. From cozy patio sets to durable all-weather chairs, discover stylish pieces that invite you to unwind under the sun.

Some rattan lounge sets are around the £100 - £300 mark. Given that many companies charge in the thousands for similar products, and you need a very affordable set, it's what we call a 'no brainer'.

Enjoy the outdoors without the hefty price tag!

Furniture-ebay- 4 piece black modern set

Blue Diamond Garden Furniture Products

These can be found at various garden centres throughout the country and are well worth having a look at if you would like some really unique, stunning garden furniture products. All-weather rattan domes, tall seats and recliners are some of my favourites. They really have the Wow! factor. Their website doesn’t show the more unusual furniture, and so a trip to one of their outlets would be recommended.

Your choice of garden furniture products can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your garden. Choose carefully and your garden will look fantastic - a comfortable and welcoming place to relax!

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