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Stunning leanto pergola kit in dark brown.

The lean-to pergola: also known as a patio pergola, attached pergola, carport or entranceway pergola, has become a very popular addition to the house and garden in recent years.  And rightly so!  It creates a wonderful outdoor room where we can relax and entertain.  Happy days!

There are three ways of creating one of these fabulous outdoor rooms in your garden...

  • We'll be looking at how to build, in any size, a fantastic attached pergola (with which to grace any patio or deck) from the additional pergola plan series.
  • Also we'll see what's on offer in the manufactured ready-made market. There are some fabulous attached pergola kits for those who'd like all the cutting and drilling done by machine, and lots of brilliant accessories to make the pergola really special.  Just the job.
  • The third way, which is becoming very popular, is to have a carpenter build one for you, using the plans.

This style of pergola can be put to many uses as an entry pergola or pergola porch, a car port, patio pergola, log store, an outside porch, a utility area or garden seating area. It's a very versatile outdoor space, and is by far the most popular pergola built from the plans.

These metal lean-to pergolas come in several different shapes.

Metal lean to pergola.

Buy a pergola kit if you'd like everything cut to size or you'd like one of the many unusual designs available - and some of them are truly stunning - or you may prefer a maintenance-free vinyl pergola design.

Choose a pergola plan, if you need your pergola to fit a particular space (as the plans can be made to any size), if you like the idea of building your own wonderful garden structure, or if you'd like to save a bit to spend on planting and furniture.  If you feel you're not quite up to it, get someone to build it for you.  Make a party out of it with friends and family (these really are the best of times).

It really is a great feeling to build a pergola of your own.  For something that looks so good, it doesn't actually take that long, and gives such a sense of achievement.

Let's have a look at the plans first...

Attached Lean-To Pergola Plans

If you'd like to have a go at building your own attached lean-to pergola, you can find these step-by-step plans here.

These particular plans were originally created for someone who wanted to build a specific pergola design for their garden, so they form part of the 'Additional Pergola Plans Series'.

Of course, you can use the principles outlined in the free pergola plans to build any pergola or arbour.

But if you would prefer to have a step-by-step guide to building this particular pergola - which is a little more 'involved' - for the price of one of the rafters, you will have at hand detailed instructions on how to create an absolutely beautiful structure for your home and garden.

The attached lean-to pergola plans can be fully adapted to fit any situation and come with 18 free rafter tail templates to make your lean-to pergola a truly unique structure.

Copyright image: An attached lean-to pergola, made from the step-by-step pergola plans.

Even though the hexagonal and Asian pergola plans were written to be free standing, they can also be built as attached pergolas...

Copyright image: Amazing attached hexagonal pergola made from the hexagonal pergola plans.
Copyright image: Amazing attached Asian pergola made from the Asian pergola plans.

Here is the patio pergola with a swing seat attached.

Copyright image: Amazing attached lean-to pergola made from the lean-to pergola plans.

People have made amazing pergolas from the plans. Here are a few.....

Copyright image: Amazing attached lean-to pergola made from the lean-to pergola plans.
Copyright image: Amazing attached lean-to pergola made from the lean-to pergola plans.
Copyright image: Amazing attached lean-to patio pergola made from the lean-to pergola plans.
Copyright image: Hanging seat as part of an attached lean-to pergola design.

Attached Lean-To Pergola Kits

There are some wonderful attached lean-to pergola kits with which to transform a porch, house or garden wall, available in different styles to suit a range of purposes.

This one is very similar to the attached pergola featured in the plans only with a double side rafter. It comes in both light green and dark brown as well as in several different sizes.

The Antajuan attached lean-to pergola making a beautiful outdoor living space.

For a traditional style patio pergola, we can create this attractive seating area. 

Grange Fencing traditional patio pergola.

Notice how this next pergola has rafters that run from front to back, rather than side to side like the one above.  It just depends on which style you prefer.

Being made of treated and planed timber, these are good quality pergolas, available in two sizes, 

Classic lean-to pergola.

This pergola is useful in the fact that it comes in 21 different sizes, from around 6ft to 15ft - and any permutation of size within! They are certainly worth a look.

Lean-to pergola in 21 sizes and 3 colours.

Another option is this attached pergola. Classed as a carport, it can be used for many different purposes and situations. Its long length makes it ideal for running along the side of a house or garden wall.  It's ideal as an entranceway or carport, too.

An attached lean-to pergola kit by Grange Fencing.  Use as a carport or patio pergola.

This lean to pergola comes with different lengths of post, depending on how the posts are fixed: 

  • Into the ground
  • Using spiked post anchors
  • Bolting to the patio.  

This is the same for many pergola kits now.  It makes them much more versatile.

Here's an attached pergola being used as a carport - very useful for this purpose, especially if you're without a garage.

An attached lean-to carport.

Any lean-to pergola with or without a covered roof can be used as a carport.

A Modern Attached Lean-To

Having no rafter tails, this patio pergola looks very modern.  Use dining sets, or hanging chairs and beanbags for a more relaxed feel.

Modern lean-to pergola attached to the house.

Other beautiful wooden pergola kits are the Contemporary patio pergola and the Dragon patio pergola, which are ideal as an entranceway or porch, but are as big as most traditional-style rectangular or square pergola kits. Measuring 2.7m (8'10"), they are big enough to house a dining table and chairs, or a couple of loungers and coffee table, with planters and a fire pit, for instance.

Contemporary attached pergola.
Asian, attached patio pergola.

Both styles would be fantastic as an seating area close to the house. And very attractive they look too, the Dragon design being an Asian-inspired pergola, with turreted pagoda style rafters. 

Attached Pergola Awnings and Canopies

Another pergola style that has been very popular this year is the pergola canopy, which are also called an attached pergola awning.  It can make an outdoor area usable in a wider variety of weather conditions than a traditional pergola, whether that's protection from the sun whilst eating or relaxing or in less clement weather, for barbecues.  We've all been there!

This is a lovely simple attached lean-to pergola with a canopy, which comes in either cream or grey. Beautiful!

Metal attached lean-to pergola kit with retractable canopy.

These next two are similar: one in metal and the other in wood. Each is big enough for a dining table and chairs. Having a retractable canopy makes them an ideal place to sit in the garden, rain or shine.

Pergola canopy with retractable awning.
Rowlinson sienna canopy pergola.
Metal lean-to pergola kit with static canopy.
Metal lean-to pergola kit with retractable canopy.

Only recently available, we can see here an attached powder coated aluminium pergola with  a strong, durable polycarbonate roof. Coming in a range of lengths, it is ideal as an attractive, maintenance-free solution.

Many people have asked me about this pergola style over the last few years.  They've all wanted the maintenance-free aspect and the covered roof that this design offers.

All options are 3 metres from the house, and come in lengths between 3 metres and 9 metres - so big enough for everyone's needs!

Maintenance free attached lean-to pergola kit

Attached Lean-To Pergola Options

Versatility is the name of the game here, especially as we're using our gardens even more for getting together with friends. There are many to choose from. Think about how the pergolas you have seen will fit into your garden design...and then just go for it! 

Pergola awnings, being fully retractable, ensure that we can have more of the good times!

If you would like to make your own pergola canopy, find ideas and instructions here...

Plants for Your Pergola

Not all attached pergolas are suitable for planting, but both climbing plants and pot plants can make a huge difference to some pergolas. Try arranging a few pots or planters either between the posts or next to them.

Creating a colourful display can be inexpensive and easy to achieve, yet can be simply stunning, especially with the choice of plants that are available.

Go 'cottage garden', with wispy climbers and hanging baskets, or ultra-modern by using simple, architectural planting in single colours with striking forms.

Copyright image: Pergola climbing plants: a heavenly purple clematis growing over a pergola trellis.

Even if the pergola is intended as a utility area, it can still, and should, be made to look like an attractive feature as possible.

Take a look at other pergola pictures and pergola ideas for inspiration. Make your garden a beautiful, useful and interesting place to relax.

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