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Updated on 8th April 2016

Copyright image: Pergola climbing plants: a beautiful pink climbing rose growing over a pergola trellis.

We all like offers. And getting that fabulous bargain!

These pergola offers come around every so often, and that's great, because we can spend what we have saved on other things!

My intention is to keep this page as relevant as possible in terms of the bargains I include, which will be items that make our gardens both interesting and beautiful, and a fabulous place to spend our free time.

How It Works

I keep track of bargains, discounts and voucher codes so that I can pass them along to you.  These may indeed be cheap pergolas, or could be sale items and bargains on a whole range of garden related products, including plants, paving, gazebos and summerhouses, hot tubs and interesting accessories!

That's why I have included a 'Pergola Offers' page, to help you find gardening and diy bargains at a glance.

Some promotions and voucher codes are specifically set up through a partnership between myself and particular companies, specifically for this website. In other words they are exclusive, so it is worth taking a look.

Most sale items and voucher codes last for quite some time, so don't worry if the I updated the page a while ago.  The offer may still be on.

Keep an eye out on this page for some really great bargains...

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The newest offers will come first in the list below.

£150 off these coated aluminium bistro sets.  They look like wood, and are styled like wood. 

However, they are practically maintenance-free apart from wiping occasionally.

With good quality cushions, they make a comfortable and practical option.

Greenfingers probably have the most extensive range of metal pergolas, arches and garden furniture with some good pergola offers.

They often have great savings on arbours and arches, both metal and wood, some with planters. They have one of the best selections of metal pergolas and metal arches.

See their modular metal arch that can be joined to make a lovely pergola walkway or tunnel. At only £7.99 a module, you could have an effective long pergola up which to grow beautiful climbing plants in no time - and for a very low cost! Excellent reviews.

Keen Gardener

Maintenance-free, vinyl, lean-to pergola.

Saving £878 for the 3 x 5.4 size.

Good savings on other sizes, too!

Have excellent savings on their wooden gazebos at the moment £876 off!

Selling excellent quality Fruit Cages, Raised Beds, Patio Gardening, Crop Protection, Netting, Pest Control, Composting, Plant Supports, Arches, Obelisks, Cloches and 'Grow Your Own', there are always several voucher codes here for us all to enjoy.

Here are some that have come through recently that I think you may be interested in.  

Some of these discount codes are really worth having, especially on the metal pergolas and larger items!

If you're looking for fantastic quality, this is the place to come.


Use ARC10 for 10% off arches and obelisks.

The arches are the highest quality, coming in a non-corrosive, powder-coated, galvanised steel (non-corrosive and powder coated are always the best maintenance free option!)  

These are more expensive, quality products, so the 10% off really is worth having.  

Use RB10 for 10% off all raised beds.  Beautifully crafted, and ideal for those of us who get a twinge or two.

Use CG10 for 10% off fruit cages.

Sturdy and beautifully designed, these will protect your crops, and look stunning at the same time!

The Supporting Act

There's also 25% off link stakes and curved plant supports until the end of the year.  

If you have a lot of plants that need keeping upright, this can be quite a saving at £17- £25.  But that's not just for one.  For the larger supports there are 12 in a pack and for the smaller ones 24.  Bit of a difference between these and the Gardman supports at £17 for 2!

So if your plants keep falling over, these are definitely what you need. They really do make a difference.  

Again, excellent quality, and powder coated. Have already ordered mine!


This attached lean to pergola has just been listed.  It caught my eye because it is extremely good value (much cheaper than other pergolas of similar design), has sturdy construction, with 4" (95mm) posts, and is built from treated and planed wood to give a smooth finish.

It's unusual to find so many available in different sizes, and this particular supplier has many widths and depths ranging from around 6ft to 21ft.

The 2m x 3m is £195...a real bargain for the quality!

Garden Chic

Garden Chic have done it again.  They have brilliant offers on pergola kits, gazebos, carports and rattan furniture!

This set costs £556.49.  Wow!

These four bargains caught my eye, but there are some really big savings on lots of sale items at the moment:

Gudrum double carport

Fabulous double carport with storage saving £800.

The beautiful Rowlinson 'Gainsborough' gazebo has a saving that has risen from £304 to £451 and now 618!

Sienna attached pergola kit with retractable awning.

This attached lean-to pergola canopy is ideal for providing an attractive seating area with added protection against the weather at a saving of £132...Now up to £303!

There are several sizes of Palermo gazebo.  This one is 3m x 3m and has a saving of £218.

Have found some good savings on decking kits too!

5% off with code SPRING5

Some really fabulous saving on a whole range of items here.  

Not only that, their products are:

  • Modern
  • Good quality 
  • Just a little bit different

Get ideas and inspiration from their website.

£30 off this romantic iron bench, in a white distressed pattern.


Crocus are probably the best online plant supplier, with only £5.99 delivery, whatever the size of your order. I use them for planting schemes in clients' gardens for convenience.

I love to look through their offer page at this time of the year, to spur me on for get ideas for planting in the early summer.

Copyright image: Combination planting of rosa 'Aloha' and campanula

See their 'Special Offers' page for good price reduction on seasonal plants, with a fabulous... 

30% off gorgeous roses at the moment!

50% off perennial collections, summer bulbs and benches

25% off alliums

20% off house plants and hellebores


Tools can be expensive items, especially if you are looking for a quality product that will last. For top bargains and promotions from Screwfix, visit their Clearance Store for all sorts of great bargains.

As you will know, if you visit this page often, I am a big fan of De Walt products. They are more expensive, but the very best. Screwfix often have fantastic discounts on these products.

I'll list the best ones below, when they have savings on these much sort after power tools.

  • Cordless drill driver
  • Impact driver (love it!)
  • Electric saw
  • Torch 
  • 40 min charger
  • 3 batteries

Save £50 

Taylors Garden Buildings

Taylors always have excellent sale items at this time of the year, with good savings anything between around £30 - £250, in their 'pergola' category, including traditional pergolas, attached patio pergolas and retractable pergola awnings.

Take a look at all the different categories, as there may be an 'Arch' or an 'Arbour' that is suitable for your needs, and some great bargains are tucked away in the different category sections.

They have good bargains on their long walk way pergolas too.

Most pergolas are discounted at the moment.  See all the pergola offers here...

An Asian style Japanese Patio pergola has £80 off.

The Latino Canopy is a metal pergola with a retractable awning - and a saving of £33.

This Blooma powder coated aluminium gazebo is maintenance-free and modern in design.  

B&Q have £52 off this particular one at the moment.

None at the moment.


They have a whole range of products, from sheds (of course) - with big discounts in a wide selection of materials: garden storage, summerhouses, offices, garden seating to name but a few.

Big savings on their early summer sale at the moment!

Lots of different designs.

£110 off a standard 8' x 6' shed with similar saving on other sizes.

Be sure to take a look at their 'Arbours' and also 'Decking (with pergola)'. They have lots of fabulous pergola offers, with a saving of £124 on one of their pergola deck kits.

Type 'pergola' into the search box.

Have very good 'Deals of the Day' and 'Plant of the Week' at amazing prices.

Check to see which plants are going for a song!  They have genuinely great bargains.


15% off landscaping and play grade bark.

More Pergola Ideas

For more ideas and inspiration take a look at some wonderful pergola kits.

For ideas on choosing a pergola style, and placing your pergola in a suitable position, see these pergola ideas.

Get help and advice on spectacular climbing plants. They are, after all, the stars of the show!

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Savings of £53 - £362

Rowlinson Sienna attached lean-to pergola canopy.

Beautiful 'Gainsborough' gazebo

Save £638!

See the 'Fantastic Offers' page for more bargains on pergola kits, tools and all things gardening!