Attached Lean-To Pergola

Copyright image: Hanging seat as part of an attached lean-to pergola design.

The lean-to pergola, which is also known as a patio pergola, attached pergola, carport or entranceway pergola, has become a very popular addition to the house and garden in recent years, as it creates a wonderful outdoor room in which to relax and entertain.

What is an Attached Lean-To Pergola?

It is simply a pergola or an arch that has one side of the supports missing. The house, or other garden structure, serve to support it on one side so that it appears as an extension to that structure.

Uses of an attached pergola, entry pergola or pergola porch might include a car port, a patio pergola, a log store, an outside porch, a utility area or a garden seating area. It's a very versatile structure.

Build Your Own Pergola or Buy a Pergola Kit?

If you'd like to have a go at building your own attached lean-to pergola, you can find step-by-step plans here.

The attached pergola plans can be fully adapted to fit any situation and come with 18 free rafter tail templates to make your lean-to pergola a truly unique structure.

Copyright image: An attached lean-to pergola, made from the step-by-step pergola plans.

Pergola Kits

There are some wonderful attached pergola kits available that can transform a porch, house wall or garden wall, available in different styles to suit a range of purposes.

A traditional patio pergola can be seen here, which is simple, yet very suitable as an attractive seating area.

Grange Fencing traditional patio pergola.

Another option is made by Grange. It is actually classed as a carport, although it can be used for many purposes and situations. Its long length makes it ideal for down the side of a house, long garden wall or used as an entranceway or carport.

An attached lean-to pergola kit by Grange Fencing.  Use as a carport or patio pergola.

The advantage of this attached pergola kit is that it comes with different length posts depending on whether you are installing it in the ground, using post anchors, or bolt-down anchors for patios.

Here is another carport by Weka, which could easily be used as an attached lean-to pergola and an extension to the house for relaxing and entertaining. It has clear plastic roof panels as a protection from the weather:

Weka lean-to carport.

Other great products are the Contemporary Patio Pergola and the Grange Dragon Patio Pergola, which are ideal as an entranceway or porch, the Dragon Patio Pergola being an Asian-inspired pergola, with turreted pagoda style rafters.

Both attached pergolas can act as a porch entranceway or a patio pergola. And very effective they look too.

Another pergola style that has been very popular this year is the pergola canopy. These are also called attached pergola awnings...

Pergola canopy with retractable awning.
Pergola canopy with retractable awning.

The pergola awnings are fully retractable and can be used when more shade is needed, or in showery weather.

Plants for Your Pergola

Both climbing plants and pot plants can make a huge difference to your pergola. Try arranging a few pots or planters either between the posts or next to them.

Creating a colourful display can be inexpensive and easy to achieve, yet can be simply stunning, especially with the choice of plants that are available.

Copyright image: Pergola climbing plants: a heavenly purple clematis growing over a pergola trellis.

Even if the pergola is intended as a utility area, it can still be made to look like an attractive feature in your outdoor space.

Take a look at other pergola pictures and pergola ideas for inspiration. Make your garden a beautiful, useful and interesting place to relax.

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