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Love Gardening! Issue #30: This must surely be the easiest pergola ever!
October 03, 2021

Issue #30

This Must Surely Be The Easiest Pergola Ever...Isn't it?

Kim contacted me a while ago about the maximum beam span of a new style of pergola kit - one that uses posts and corner brackets to build - and it had me thinking about whether it is really the easiest pergola to build. 🤔

I did think one of my free plans - the 'Simple Pergola Plans' - using trellis as the rafters, was just about as easy as it gets, but now I'm not so sure. 🙈

The only reason mine is still in contention is that this one, with the corner brackets and post anchors, needs three people to put it up (and therein lies another story). Even so, it is very simple (and looks great!).

All it takes is just four posts at the correct height for your space, and beams (which are also posts) to the length you would like...or to an acceptable beam span, anyway. Easy peasy!

It can be painted, treated, elongated or raised, and looks majorly modern as well.

Fancy a white one, blue, green, or even pink? Done. The world's your oyster. Colour it how you will. Creativity reigns!

Jirett made me laugh. He was telling about his experiences with the brackets - the time it took him to build his and, more importantly, who he had helping him put up his pergola in extra quick time.

Read more about these interesting, innovative, new pergola kits, the choices you have for making it fit your particular space and the ways in which the pergola can be a unique and stunning creation...

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