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Love Gardening! Issue #23: Brian and Pams Fantastic Attached Lean-to Pergola!
March 27, 2017

Issue #23

Pam and Brian's Fantastic Attached Lean-to Pergola!

After our last ezine newsletter, where so many of you kindly sent in photos of your fantastic pergolas, Pam and Brian sent in one of theirs. It shows just what can be done!

Brian and Pam have used a curved rafter tail design and treated their pergola with a dark stain. The contrast between the light walls and the dark colour of the pergola sets everything off really well. It looks so good, and very inviting.

The entrance way has been very well thought out and the use of polycarbonate roofing sheets has made the area weatherproof (very useful when you have arranged a get together with friends and the sky starts to look grey!).

Their pergola is particularly interesting because you can tell quite clearly that it is made from the plans, even though they have adapted it to suit the space.

Copyright image: Attached lean-to pergola built by Pam and Brian from the attached pergola plans, with curved rafter tails and angled support brackets.

Here is the original. This type of pergola always looks good over patio windows.

Copyright image: The original attached lean-to pergola plans, with straight rafter tails.

Similar pergola kits are available, too, if you would prefer all the cutting to be done for you. One comes with a canopy...

Rowlinson sienna canopy pergola.

If you are thinking of having one of these in your garden, find other attached lean-to kits here.

Or find instructions about how to create your own canopy shade.

Until next time...

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